It’s a “WE” thing.

Rubber City Church is not a “they” thing, but it’s a “we” thing. Joining a Sunday Team ensures that God will use your gifts, talents, and service to grow and edify the Church as a whole (*we*).

Would you consider serving now through one of the ways below? If so, complete the form on this page and we will be in touch soon!


  • WORSHIP – Besides the obvious musical skill set required, this team exists to allow the people of Rubber City Church to worship God in a life-giving way.

  • PRODUCTION – This team exists to allow the people of Rubber City Church to connect with God through utilizing audio/visual equipment to provide an environment that is distraction free and easy to engage with.

  • MEDIA – The vast majority of people will visit Rubber City Church on social media before visiting in-person. This team exists to capture and broadcast how God is working in and through Rubber City Church while making much of Jesus. 

  • PRAYER – This team plays a critical role at Rubber City Church to pray with and for our people, community and city.


  • SET UP/TEAR DOWN – This could also be called the ‘get-r-done’ team. This team exists to transform the rented facility into a place Rubber City Church can gather. From chairs to speakers, this team will create a welcoming place where people feel comfortable and can connect with God. Then, of course, tearing it back down.

  • RUBBER CITY KIDS – This team exists to lead, care for, and disciple the kids (birth-5th grade) of Rubber City Church. To line their little hearts with kindling in hopes that the Holy Spirit comes to light their hearts a fire for Jesus. 

  • HOSPITALITY: You only get one chance to make a first impression. This team exists to make a new place feel like home. It is all about creating an environment for people of all walks of life & backgrounds to feel like they found a family at Rubber City Church.

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